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Electricity price war suffering upstream suppliers: order bursting staff.

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  In the price war that press headache for channel contend for in the 3C field of home appliance appears again. Reporters yesterday found, in "the history of the fierce price war " power behind, between the enterprise and supplier were fighting a running out. In addition to a significant increase of order, " channel promotion, manufacturers pay" let suppliers are suffering. In the industry, business enterprise and supplier relationships may be with the " price war " deteriorating.

  Order bursting staff.

  Orders from a single one hundred or two hundred to three hundred or four hundred stations, delivery frequency from an average of once a week to almost every day, a personal computer manufacturing company business department is responsible for Miss Luo practical experience to the "price war " brings the sales volume growth. This should work at 6 every night Miss Luo, successive already 3 days work until eight thirty at night, her job is to handle Jingdong Mall, Suning to buy ( micro-blog ) and tmall ( micro-blog ) platform for businesses and other customer orders.

  In fact, take the Luo, company size, business promotional platform to bring increased traffic simply homely food. But unlike in the past, this a few big business at the same time in the digital 3C and the size of home appliances field of war.

  "The ' five one ' before, all our company responsible for e-commerce customer supply chain colleagues together for a meeting to work. Now, in charge of business sales colleagues must before 3 in the afternoon under a single, so our subsequent work can be completed on the same day in. " Miss Luo said, if you place an order later, transportation departments at delivery time will be busy until the very next day morning.

  Channel price money to earn

  This wave of "the history of the most fierce price war " on the manufacturer's influence far beyond the " overtime ". In addition to shipments soared, more and more ruthless " price " more manufacturers. " Now the business enterprise in the spell the price, for the supplier, is very resource overdraft, obtains eight point income, so the supplier of the market will be relatively cautious. " TCL ( micro-blog ) electronic Business Company vice general manager Liu Wenwu said. In the industry, by "evaporation " out of the two, is a business enterprise to channel " squeezing " results.

  According to a department store brand responsible person said, " channel promotion, manufacturers pay" is actually the guild regulations. " On the whole, in the enterprise that let the line, about half the amount needed to undertake supplier. But ' half ' is an overall ratio, specific who bear much benefit amount, but also the channel operators and suppliers of discourse right. " The source said, big brand assumed the post would be less, some well-known brands even without the need for a price war bill. The visibility is low, the smaller the brand, imputed cost will be higher. " This is in fact the distributors and suppliers game. "


  Retailer-supplier relationship puts hidden trouble

  In the channel, price war when, the supplier with "money earns cry out " is a matter within one's duties. " The supplier can in time to make money, but also in the future in the platform to continue to make money, this is enough. We do not ensure the supplier can always profit. " A platform of B2C executives say. It also won the home appliance observers Liu Buchen identity.

  But unlike in the past, the price war on an unprecedented scale. Liu Buchen thinks, from this month, business enterprises in the 3C, the field of home appliances price war has begun " normalization ", and will continue to power industry pattern formation. In this way, the supplier profit opportunities will be greatly reduced, retailer-supplier relationship will continue to deteriorate, this situation is unlikely to be eased after a few years.

  Liu Buchen expresses at the same time, now zero for both sides faced with double deficit problem, but this is not the most terrible situation. In the future course of development, the profit level of disequilibrium enterprise need to pay attention to. " If the zero for both sides to a sustained losses, another continuous profits, it is not the healthy relationship between retailers and suppliers. Either the channel or suppliers, it should try to explore a win-win road. "